The Stackz System

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The Stackz System
The Concept

Stackz is a flashcard organizer program running on Windows and iOS. The focus of Stackz lies in visualizing the student's knowledge state.

It uses the classic "Leitner box" system by moving cards progressively in box compartments, representing the proficiency state. Stackz extends that concept by reprepresenting additional card characteristics using colors.

One of the most fundamental characteristic of a card is it's "freshness", i.e. how long the card sits in its current compartment. Stackz conveys this information with a color that intuitively indicates degratdation:  the darker the card, the older it is.

The ColorMode "Refresh Date" of Stackz makes it super easy to spot and refresh outdated cards: Spot and work on the dark cards to make them bright again.

Other ColorModes and highlighting options are available to mark cards that are due for refreshing even more prominently.


ColorMode "RefreshDate"


Highlighting Cards

Detecting and eliminating one's weak spots is immediate!

The Stackz system helps you to optimize your learning efficiency, regardless whether you must keep up to the pace of an intensive course with 30 new words per day (intensive learning), or whether you spend 20 minutes per week on your 10'000 words collection (proficiency retention).

The Software Representation

A Stackz document contains several lessons, each of which has a set of flashcards that are distributed in the five promotion levels. The color of each card shows its test state.

In contrast to conventional decks of paper cards, Stackz allows to select any combination of stacks and perform the actions with all selected cards:

  • Learn - become familiar with the words in the selected stacks.
  • Test - do a refresh check of the words in the selected stacks.
You never lose the control!

The Stackz system does not take decisions for you, nor are actions performed automatically. It rather makes the current situation transparent and makes suggestions.