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MindDate Software offers tools for creating, learning and retaining large vocabulary collections, with advanced features especially useful for studying Japanese and Chinese.


The Stackz flashcard organizer helps you optimize your learning efficiency, regardless whether you must keep up to the pace of an intensive course with 30 new words per day (intensive learning), or whether you spend 20 minutes per week on your 10'000 words collection (proficiency retention).


The KanjiBrowze dictionary system allows seamless browsing through Japanese words and kanji, regardless whether you want to further analyze your study material or you want to automatically create a vocabulary list from some webpage.    

Stackz for iPhone

The iStackz app for iOS allows you to work on your study material anywhere, anytime.

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Stackz Editor - Edit Stack (2)
Stackz Editor

Create and edit your own Stackz lists with this freeware tool.

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The initial idea behind these tools was born in 1995 when the author had spent one year in Japan and wished he had a lookup tool for browsing Japanese kanji and their compounds. When returning home, he also had accumulated a large collection of paper flashcards he did not want to simply abandon so he also needed a system that provided an overview of the cards and their status.

More than 25 years have passed since then. Technology has changed a lot - Pocket PC and Palm Pilot  have appeared and disappeared again... but the project is still alive, with the aim of using current technology like handwriting recognition for studying and retaining kanji.  


...I've been relying on Stackz for my Japanese study the last six months - it has been really really helpful. [...] I can't tell you how much it has helped with my study.
- A stackz user
...Probably you already heard but I have to say it: The program is great!
- A stackz user
...I have to say thank you for creating one of the best Japanese programs I have ever seen.
- A student