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The Japanese WordlistsLanguageEntriesDownload
JLPT lists
JLPT 4 kyuu. Very nice kanji comments! 🔥English80download
JLPT 4 kyuu - bigger list. 🔥English675download
JLPT 3 kyuu. Very nice kanji comments! 🔥English165download
JLPT 3 kyuu list, based on the Meguro Language Center JLPT3 Guide for 2005.English636download
JLPT 3 kyuu kanjiGerman253download
JLPT 3 kyuu vokabelnGerman640download
JLPT 3 kyuu and 4 kyuuSpanish1347download
Common 2 kyuu yoji jukugo.
A lists from the 2kyuu examination practice textbook "Zubari goukaku! kanji kentei 2kyuu deru jun monndaishuu".
JLPT 2 kyuu kanji words from 1992 to 1998 🔥English599download
JLPT 2 kyuu for intermediate students.English755download
JLPT 2 kyuu TestGerman4936download
JLPT 1 kyuu Kanzen Master Kanji 🔥English1559download
Words of the JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test textbook 🔥English395download
Topic based lists
Useful phrases for beginners (roomaji)English94download
Signs you might come across in Japan 🔥English35download
Studies - a list of University majors and specialitiesEnglish424download
Four-Character Idiomatic Compounds (from 4jwords EDICT formatted dictionary)English376download
FishyBusiness - everything to do with fish, (water)sealife etc.English962download
Computer and Internet terms A-CEnglish317download
Computer and Internet terms D-HEnglish294download
Computer and Internet terms I-NEnglish359download
Computer and Internet terms O-SEnglish328download
Computer and Internet terms T-ZEnglish239download
Computer and Internet terms SymbolsEnglish58download
Season words (spring, summer, autumn, winter)English500download
Karate terms (hiragana only)English909download
Aikido termsEnglish, Russian398download
Everything to do with color, translated colournames in brackets are the closest Internet colours.English1'417download
NetColours, translated colournames in brackets are the closest Internet colours.English308download
Entry level file - introducing Hiragana, Katakana, first kanji.English538download
Christian vocabulary part 1English246download
Christian vocabulary part 2English58download
Economics/Politics (expressions from class at college)German509download
"Normal" vocabulary, grouped in topics as "Familie", "Kunst", "Sport", etc. 🔥German2'382download
Science terms 🔥German, English578download
At HomeEnglish389download
Expressions related to Calendar/TimeEnglish313download
Control engineeringEnglish93download
Business terms, mainly from "business no tame no nihongo". Partly German, partly English translationsGerman, English237download
How to read about business in Japanese (ビジネス情報の見方 読み方)German543download
Kanji vocabulary lists
Kanji Study Set 🔥
About 7'000 kanji, manually analyzed individually! 39 files of 50 lessons each (45 in the last). Each lesson contains all the vocabulary tagged "common usage" by edict. One supplementary file for vocabulary containing "common" non-jouyou kanji. In total there are about 20'000 words separated into individual kanji vocabulary lessons. (See notes in the forum)
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 1English1'079download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 2English3'791download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 3English5'370download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 4English5'210download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 5English5'425download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 6English4'449download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 8 (a -ko)English4'776download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 8 (sa - to)English4'855download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 8 (ha - ra)English3'636download
Samples with Joyo kanji Grade 9English569download
Samples with non-Joyo kanji ("Grade 10")English4425download
Often confused kanji 🔥English402download
Popular single Kanji words with non-Onyomi Readings 🔥
Sorted first by Grade Level of the kanji, and then by type of word: 1) Noun, 2) Verb, and 3) Everything else (including suru verbs and noun prefixes, as well as adverbs, adjectives and words that can be used in multiple ways).
Popular 2 Kanji words that use onyomi readings 🔥
Sorted by the Frequency of Use specified in Jim Breen's Kanjidic file. The smaller the number, the more popular the Kanji. In the first lesson, for example, both the first and the second kanji have a frequency between 1 and 45. Thus they are the most popular Kanji. In the second lesson one of the Kanji has a Frequency between 46 and 83 and the other has a frequency bewteen 1 and 83. In the 68th Lesson, one of the 2 kanji has a frequency between 1838 and 1875 and the other has a frequency between 1 and 1875, etc.
Un kanji par jour
Divided like months, in a "Kanji of the Day" style. The lessons follow the same order of the Kanji&Kana book (K&K index as comments). November and December are special months, handy for a review of each of the two semesters. The list contains all the kanji required for JLPT 4kyuu and 3kyuu, and 50+ extra ones.
Kanji list for Japanese 141-2, Cornell University (200 kanji + recap lessons)English200download
Kanji in Context Level 1English1293download
Kanji in Context Level 2English450download
Kanji in Context Level 3
Lessons 19 - 94 (850 intermediate kanji), most common readings. (Notes from the list author)
Kanji in Context Level 3 🔥
same as above, but complete content
Kanji in Context Level 4English855download
Kanji in Context Level 5English1943download
Kanji in Context Level 6English295download
Basic Kanji Book
vol 1 (Chap 1-22) vol 2 (Chap 23-45)
Intermediate Kanji Book vol 1English1654download
Kanji no Michi 🔥English2070download
Remembering The Kanji 1
Kanji and English translations in the order of Heisig's book
Die Kanji Lernen und Behalten
Kanji with German meanings
Kanji Master 1 - 100 kanji in 10 days
The comments field shows the pronunciations for the unknown kanjis.
Les kanji dans la têteFrench3010download
Verb lists
Compound verbsEnglish1'226download
Essential Japanese VerbsEnglish572download
Essential Japanese Verbs: helpful verbsEnglish1'072download
Essential Japanese Verbs: suru verbsEnglish993download
Detailed conjugation and vocabulary for EssentialVerbs beginning with AEnglish1'717download
Verbs that show changes in state or condition - to become ~, to start/begin ~, to make ~, to do ~English687download
Transitive and Intransitive VerbsEnglish245download
Adjective lists
-i adjectivesEnglish1'384download
-na adjectivesEnglish2'528download
lists of yaka (really, truly)English1'301download
lists of yaka that take -noEnglish107download
Grammatical lists
Sentence verb endingsEnglish304download
Bushu radicals: readings, meanings and stroke countsEnglish219download
Onomatopoeia - words and examples 🔥English217download
Verb conjugation 🔥
Here is a description.
Education program lists
Vocab and examples for Berkley course lessons 1-6English749download
Vocab and examples for Berkley course lessons 7-12English831download
Vocab for all Berkley course lessonsEnglish1'520download
PenPen program (all 17 levels)English905download
JapaneseOnLine (all 16 lessons)English638download
KanjiGuess Lessons 1-11English446download
KanjiGuess PlacesEnglish792download
KanjiGuess NamesEnglish1'892download
KanjiGuess VerbsEnglish741download
KanjiGuess Misc.English332download
KingKanji - contains Asahi 1-3, Asu 1-7, Koi 1-3 and Lessons 9-27English1'160download
Japanese for busy people 1English969download
Grundstudium Japanisch 1German 1710download
Grundstudium Japanisch 2German 745download
Shin Nihongo No Kiso Chapters 1-50German923download
Words as introduced in "Japanisch im Sauseschritt 1& 2a"German1'240download
Japanese Language Course in Russian vol 1 of 3Russian753download
Japan Times Intermediate Japanese Lesson 1-7English658download
Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese, lessons 1-5English467download
Intergrated approach to intermediate Japanese, lessons 10-15English911download
An Intergrated Course In Elementary Japanese Genki I & IIEnglish1174download
Genki I & II - same course, alternative list, lessons 3-23English1064download
Genki - other alternative list
The first 600 words (kana and kanji) have been personally sorted from the chapters into 5 categories. Starter words, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs/Expressions. Most words were selected from the master dictionary and were checked for errors, while occational modifications to the english definition were made to more closely match the definition of the "Genki!" textbook.
Genki I - supplementEnglish406download
Minna no nihongo 1English1039download
Minna no nihongo 2English1081download
Pimsleur 1 (Words)English200download
Pimsleur 2 (Phrases) Lessons 5-21English518download
Random House's Living Language Basic/Intermediate Lessons 1-9English472download
90 days of Japanese LanguageEnglish412download
Uni Duesburg Japanisch 1. Semester, around 1000 words in 14 lessons.
Textbook is here:
Reading Japanese (Yale Language Series) info is hereEnglish843download
Nakama 2, Chapters 1-5English509download
Shinji Okamoto's Grundkenntnisse Japanisch 2German, Mandarin2128download
Waseda Uni - Japanisch Lehrbuch Lektionen 1-20
Hiragana is used for kanji not introduced in this book.
Shin Bunka Shokyuu Nihongo I - 18 LessonsGerman1098download
Silberstein - 41 LessonsGerman3607download
Situational Functional Japanese (SFJ) Volume 1 (Japan's Tsukuba University)English549download
MIT Japanese program (vocab limited to the individual kanji grade level)
Vocab for MIT reading and writing lessons 1-18English303download
MIT katakanaEnglish139download
Lessons 3 - 22 in one zip-archiveEnglish13'566download
Lesson 3English540download
Lesson 4English844download
Lesson 5English494download
Lesson 6English814download
Lesson 7English725download
Lesson 8English526download
Lesson 9English477download
Lesson 10English613download
Lesson 11English566download
Lesson 12English539download
Lesson 13English296download
Lesson 14English614download
Lesson 15English804download
Lesson 16English721download
Lesson 17English836download
Lesson 18English770download
Lesson 19English1'047download
Lesson 20English1'048download
Lesson 21English875download
Lesson 22English417download
Youkouso program
Book 1 Chapter 1English1'192download
Book 1 Chapter 2English838download
Book 1 Chapter 3English1'129download
Book 1 Chapter 4English874download
Book 1 Chapter 5English1'045download
Book 1 Chapter 6English809download
Book 1 Chapter 7English1'210download
Book 2 Chapter 1English970download
Book 2 Chapter 2English1'097download
Book 2 Chapter 3English1'178download
Book 2 Chapter 4English1'364download
Book 2 Chapter 5English1'378download
Book 2 Chapter 6English1'434download
Book 2 Chapter 7English918download
Literature lists
Words from Breaking into Japanese Literature - The first night English281download
Words from Breaking into Japanese Literature - The third nightEnglish267download
Words from Breaking into Japanese Literature - The fifth nightEnglish324download
Words from Breaking into Japanese Literature - The seventh nightEnglish287download
Rashoumon, from "Breaking Into Japanese Literature" by Murray.
Some very old kanji are missing (noted). Many duplicates, since the "Breaking Into" series lists vocab as it's needed in a paragraph.

Mandarin Wordlists

The Mandarin WordlistsLanguageEntriesDownload
Lessons from course "Volkshochschule Bern: Mandarin"
Year 1, Part 1English430download
Year 1, Part 2English177download
Year 1, Part 3English183download
Year 2, Part 1English312download
Year 2, Part 2English128download
Year 2, Part 3English98download
Other mandarin lists
Basic VocabularyEnglish188download
Learn to speak ChineseEnglish475download
200 most frequently used Chinese wordsEnglish200download
Beginning Chinese (DeFrancis)English756download
Chinese hanzi radicals with readings, translations and numbersEnglish214download
Gaoji Hanyu Part 1 - List with both traditional and simplified charactersEnglish1160download
Gaoji Hanyu Part 2 - List with both traditional and simplified charactersEnglish1003download
Hanju Jiaocheng I 1 (Chapters 1 - 15)English306download
Hanju Jiaocheng I 2 (Chapters 16 - 30)English434download
Hanju Jiaocheng II 1 (Chapters 31 - 45)English559download
Hanju Jiaocheng II 2 (Chapters 46 - 60)English533download
Chinese Elementary CourseEnglish544download
Chinese Intermediate CourseEnglish734download
Practical Chinese Reader IEnglish606download
Practical Chinese Reader IIEnglish710download
Praktisches Chinesisch Band IGerman607download
CME Vocabulary Lesson 1-30English1285download
CME Vocabulary Lesson 31-60English1189download
CME CharactersEnglish681download
Chuji Shiyong Shangwu Hanyu
Practical Business Chinese)
Schaum's Chinese Vocabulary - Chapter 16: At Home.
Simplified/Traditional Characters and bopomofo
Schaum's Chinese Vocabulary - Chapter 20: Computer and Internet.
Simplified/Traditional Characters and bopomofo
1000 Mandarin wordsEnglish1134download
Almost 1,000 entries of the Chinese 302 class at Brigham Young University (BYU).  English999download
Business words sorted in useful categorisEnglish598download
National Taiwan Normal University Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Book 2.1English610download
The test on chinese language, like the nihongo-nouryokusshiken level 1 (easiest) vocabulary.
Broken up into lessons of 50, in all there are like 1030 words for the first level.
New Chinese Practical Reader 1 - VocabEnglish454download
New Chinese Practical Reader 1 - Component WritingEnglish162download
Bridge - A Practical Intermediate Chinese Course
Qiaoliang - shiyong hanyu zhongji jiaocheng (shang) Lesson 1-8
Complete transcript of Pimsleur Mandarin unit 1English2602download
Developing Chinese, Speaking, Middle level a
(Fazhun Hanyu Kouyu Zhongji Shang), 15 chapters.
500 basic characters and sentencesEnglish5526download
Reading and Writing Vol 1English751download

Korean Wordlists

The Korean WordlistsLanguageEntriesDownload
Chat shortcutsEnglish149download
Two syllabe wordsEnglish47download
Useful wordsEnglish304download
Basic expressionsEnglish456download
Korean 2 (National Uni Seoul)English126download
Yonse University Korean 1, Chapters 1 and 2English111download
Useful phrasesEnglish71download
Vocabulearn - NounsEnglish356download
Vocabulearn - Parts of SpeechEnglish347download
Integrated Korean, Lessons 1-2English208download
Miscellaneous: Alphabet, Numbers, Verbs, AdjectivesEnglish402download
Middle School English for Koreans 0English585download
Middle School English for Koreans 1English766download

Other Languages Wordlists

Other Languages WordlistsLanguageEntriesDownload
English translations
Spanish medical termsSpanish670download
Spanish ThemesSpanish286download
big unsorted stack of words
Spanish verbs and their prepositions.
The list has 205 Spanish verbs which are frequently used with six particular prepositions (a, con, de, en, para, por).  They are taken from the lists in Practice Makes Perfect:  Spanish Verb Tenses. Each entry includes the English translation and then the Spanish infinitive, preposition, and whether the preposition would be followed by a noun (n.), verb (v.), or either a noun or a verb (n./v.).
Greek/Latin rootsGreek/Latin80download
Homeric Greek Vocabulary 1Greek160download
Homeric Greek Vocabulary 2Greek180download
Thai basic wordsThai450download
Thai Teach yourselfThai30download
Farsi topicsFarsi83download
Farsi complete courseFarsi1997download
Mastering German Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach.German5479download
Non-English translations
Deutsch - RussischGerman - Russian1175download
Deutsch - Italienisch ReisewortschatzGerman - Italian317download
Deutsch irregular verbs
Each card begins with the infinitive form of the verb, followed by
1) the third person present singular form,
2) the third person imperfect (past) singular form, and
3) the past participle with auxiliary verb.
Once you've mastered these three forms, it's relatively easy to form all the other conjugations.
Deutsch - Schwedisch
big unsorted stack of cards
German - Swedish1036download

Non-Language Wordlists

Non-Language ListsLanguageEntriesDownload
Medicine related lists
Medicaments - name, purpose, manufacturer and date of approvalEnglish72download
Medical termsEnglish518download
United States Medical Licensing Exam: USMLE First Aid Step 1
Great as a companion for First Aid. Long before you start studying (months), can be helpful for memorizing odd facts you might not remember otherwise. Closer to real prep time, great for quizzing once you've gone through First Aid at least once.
United States Medical Licensing Exam: USMLE Immuno and Oncology
Flashcards with the common HLA subtypes, cytokines, translocations, tumor suppressor genes, and oncogenes.  Short and sweet to make the brute force memorization required to master these facts much easier.
United States Medical Licensing Exam: USMLE 550 Misc Questions
550 Step 1 USMLE flashcards grouped by discipline.  Great to use whenever you have some downtime.
General lists
Drink names and ingredients
Note: many duplicates because ordered according glass types
American States with capitals, nicknames and populationEnglish50download
US PresidentsEnglish43download
History of the last 500 years - people, places, vocabularyEnglish325download
Beginning EconomicsEnglish38download
Works of composers and their nationalityEnglish289download
Soccer World cup finals 1930-2002: Place, Participants, ResultEnglish17download
Arithmetic - Base math operationsMath926download
Questions about DolphinsEnglish82download
Sociology termsEnglish275download