Below are some resources which are needed to configure our tools.
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TTF fonts

The needed fonts are included in the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Other fonts can be used as well, some links are listed here below.

An excellent collection of all sorts of TTF fonts can be found here.
Direct link to Japanese fonts
Direct link to Simplified Chinese fonts
Direct link to Traditional Chinese fonts
Direct link to Korean fonts
Direct link to Thai fonts

Tim's ( Japanese font with stroke numbers is here.

Dictionary files

Japanese Dictionaries

You can integrate as many other EUC formatted dictionaries as you like in the dictionary dialog. The index can be downloaded, or also generated with Stackz.

Japanese Kanji Dictionary

The kanjidic file contains information about individual kanji.
This file is needed for the kanji info and kanji select dialogs.

Chinese Dictionaries

Many Chinese tools can be found at, these dictionaries can be integrated into the Stackz dictionary dialog:


Wordlist content

Our collection of sites with interesting wordlist table content is here.

General Japanese resources

Disclaimer: MindDate Software is not responsible for the content of the linked pages.