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Stackz dictionary - direct opening.


I wish there were a way to directly open kanjibrowze from a shortcut with the "paste from clipboard" option enabled.  As it is, I have to open Stackz, then open the dictionary, then click on the paste from clipboard button.  I love the integration of Stackz and Kanjibrowze since whenever I lookup a word I can easily add it to a Stackz file for later study, and from the clipboard is awesome since no matter where I come across an unkown word I can easily look it up.  I'd just like to be able to do it more easily since I find myself using Stackz in this way so often  :)

Excellent idea, we'll think about it.

Have you noticed the tray icon? It might accelerate your task with the currently available functions in the meantime, double-clicking on it starts a dictionary search with the clipboard content, a right-button click opens a menu with other options.


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