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The Back button in the Learn dialogue

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In the PC version the back button is always greyed out, and in PocketStackz it doesn't work as it should. Instead of acting like an undo button, it puts the current word in the list to the left, thus making it unable to declare is as known.

I'm not sure if i understand your concern correctly.

1) There is an undo button, which will undo your last classification.
2) The arrow-up button has the function "put back on same stack".
3) The arrow-left button has the function "declare as unknown".

There is no "back" button that should act like an undo button... I guess you are referring to the arrow-left button, which seems to work exactly as described in the manual.

I'm referring to the button with the blue arrow. Try clicking on it in the Learn dialogue and you will see that it declares the current entry as unknown.

Yes, that's the intention of an undo button - but only if you pressed "declare as known" before.

I'll try to explain it once again.

Entry A is displayed, numbered as #13 on the list to the left.

I press the left button - the one with the red cross - and what happens is that entry A is removed and entry B shows up in its place, numbered as #13.

Up until now everything has worked as it should. However, if I for some reason would change my mind and press the undo button - the one with a blue arrow - the following two things happen:

1) Entry B is declared as unknown, and stays at #13.
2) Entry A is brought back, as entry #14.

This makes me unable to mark entry B as known, since the right button - the one with the green mark - is greyed out.


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