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Hi Konstantin,

thx so much for your answer. I think I will do so.
Can you tell us how long we have to wait?
I mean, is it weeks, months or years?  ;D

With kind regards


--- Quote from: atomu on January 07, 2011, 06:31:50 PM ---Can you tell us how long we have to wait?

--- End quote ---

Hi Atomu,

Let say few months.
Hopefully I can present something during the first quarter this year.

Android is growing rapid. We must support it :-)

Do you know already which Android device you are going do buy?
If I had to do it now, it would be hard for me to make a decision.
There are so many of them...

Best Regards,

Decision was hard between Samsung Galaxy I9000 and HTC Desire HD. In the end I took the HTC.

Someone told me android is now on more devices than apple os. So it would be worth to support.

I'm waiting excitedly!


Hi, I'm still waiting for the release. Would be so happy to learn with Stackz again. I really miss it. Actually, I forgot so much since I don't have it on my phone. Are you still working on a Android version?


 :'( ??


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