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New features?


I would like to know what new features will be added to the next version of pocket stackz :-)

Suggestions welcome?

Personally I would love a timer to turn automatically to the next card

Thank you!

Kinzokusei no Inu:
One nice thing about Pocket Stackz is that you can easily edit a card from the test dialogue.  I was thinking that it would be handy also to have an option to delete the card altogether from there.  That way it would be easy to get rid of erroneous or unwanted cards as you come across them, instead of going into the edit dialogue and trying to find a card you want to delete.  This can be tedious because some stackz can be rather huge.

I was thinking about this as I working with the Tanaka Corpus file kindly provided by Pawel.  As is common knowledge there are errors in the file, and I was editting some of the incorrect English as I went along.  Something you can't do in PC Stackz.  However, some of them are totally incorrect or simply not worth saving, so I figured this would be a useful and easy to add function.


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