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Not really sure if this is my fault or the program's fault, but when I try to copy a very large number of lines to the list import wizart (around 700 or so), it gets cut off at around line 132.? I got around this by importing from a file instead, but just thought I'd mention it.? Thanks!

PS - I wish you'd change the title of this folder - I almost feel guilty posting here because I don't want to sound like I'm complaining!  Perhaps, "Limitations You'de Like Improved"?

Thanks for letting us know, including the workaround. I'll investigate it.

BTW, no need to feel guilty - I created this title myself, to encourage our users to complain. We prefer that the users tell their bad experiences to us, and the good ones to their collegues :-) So for us, complaining is a good thing as long as it is constructive, it will motivate us to improve things.

PS - I like your pseudonym!  ;)

At first I thought this was a limitation in the number of lines, but it turns out that I was just importing incorrectly.  I was only importing two fields (question and answer) and I was setting the third token to N/A but didn't realize that I needed to click on the Token 2 button to get Token 3 to go away.  Looks like it works OK afterall.


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