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slightly annoying limitation in the stackz list editor


Well, i understand why certain functions are disabled in the free editor, but why shouldn't i be allowed to move stacks (ie cut-and-paste) between lessons (both within a file and between files)? Sometimes, a file with lots and lots of small lessons would be more manageable if the lessons were somewhat fewer but larger, for example (the PDA screen isn't exactly huge, as we all know...). Also, i occasionally would like to be able to merge files, so i can clean out any duplicate entries.

Managing wordlists is among the most wished new features indeed, namely merging files, and also moving entire lessons. This will be reworked for the next version, and the content of the free tools will also be verified at this occasion.

Stackz 07 Release Candidate 6 has marvelous editing capabilities. Everything that I could want.
to edit between lessons I click on>file>new, to bring up a new 'empty lesson'.smz file
I then copy and paste the lessons that I want to edit to the new empty .smz file. Do the editing and then back to the mother ship or a different ship......beam me up Scottie....


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