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Problems with orange color

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Hallo, is there anybody???

I have still this problem.

The last few weeks I didn't use this file on my PC, today I checked it again on the PC and the stackz-pc version shows in the 5 stackz-column 326 orange items, with pocket-stackz, I have 0 orange items.

I paid for this program, and I'm very angry that there is no further response or after this time any help!

Yes of course we are still here, at the moment we focus our efforts mainly in preparation work for future ideas. Your question seems not to have received the attention it merits... thank you for reminding us about this unsolved problem, we will try to improve our reaction time.

Our mobile developer had a first look at this when I last talked to him, but he did not find the time to completely solve it yet. He promised me to attack it as soon as he can.

Please apologize the unusual long delay of this issue!


--- Quote from: Teskal on May 12, 2009, 10:33:03 PM ---Hallo, is there anybody???

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Sorry for not updating you.

I am still working on your issue.
It takes a bit longer than I expected,
because I have to port the current PocketStackz to a new for me development tool.
This requires some modification in code and additional testing.
I have to finish this step before I can fix your issue.

Sorry for that.
I will contact you as soon as I have a new version for you.

Best regards,


--- Quote from: Konstantin on May 13, 2009, 10:23:10 PM ---I will contact you as soon as I have a new version for you.

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I believe I have fixed the bug.
Could you please try a new version located here:
If it works as you expect, I will release this version.

For me it was not really a bug, but a bit different interpretation of the refresh intervals.
I always interpreted a "refresh interval" as a time period when cards should not be marked as "orange".
This works unless you are going to repeat cards every day.
So, my original interpretation of "refresh intervals" is not really good and is not consistent with desktop Stackz.
Thanks again for reporting the problem and please sorry for delay.

Best Regards,

I cannot synchronize with my PDA in the moment, I reinstalled yesterday windows XP, but still same issue. I can I install this program directly from the SD card?


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