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Problems with orange color

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--- Quote from: Teskal on May 25, 2009, 10:57:44 AM ---Can I install this program directly from the SD card?

--- End quote ---

Yes, you can install PocketStackz directly from the SD card.
In order to do it please do the following steps:
1) Copy Stackz.ARM.CAB file on your SD card.
2) Stop PocketStackz if it's running.
3) Find the Stackz.ARM.CAB file with Pocket FileExplorer and click on the file by your stylus.

The most difficult part is to copy the Stackz.ARM.CAB file without ActiveSync working on your desktop PC.

Best Regards,

P.S. The Stackz.ARM.CAB file is a part of the

I put the extracted Folder on the SD-Card, started the file, I get the error message that the installation failed. Stackz was stopped, after soft reset same issue.

So I will end first the last remaining heisig lessons and after it I make a cold reset and try to sync it again


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