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stackz crashes when I mark the last card in a stack

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--- Quote from: oumaike on August 13, 2008, 07:39:39 AM ---There was one difference in the configurations: the virtual machine's copy of Stackz was not registered, the real notebook's copy of Stackz was registered.

So, to eliminate this difference, I registered the virtual machines's copy of Stackz. And now it also fails 100% of the time when I mark the last card in a stack.

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This is the only starting point for my investigation. Please let me know under what name and when you regsitered, so I can try to reproduce your situation.

No reaction?

Sorry for not getting back. I wasn't using Stackz or checking the forum.  Ready to try again. Now using Stackz 7.1 RC2 and after casual use it doesn't show the problem I described above. Yes, it does now work on Vista for me. Same PC. No changes to hardware or software, just the Stackz 7.1 RC2.


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