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How can I use Stackz? Is it really a flashcard system?

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You can do that by adding 10 new cards to box 1. You can add them either manually, or import them from a list (e.g. excel), or by copy/pasting from a different lesson.

Or you put all your cards there in the beginning, and ignore the not yet used ones.

Isn't there a stack of unused cards?

So, according the Leitner system new cars shall be introduced as soon as the minimum amount of cards in box 1 would be reached.

If I would put all my cards into the box at the beginning, what is the capacity of box 1?

There is no stack of unused cards, just as there are no words you decide not to use in your conversations (well if you are very systematic, you might do that!  ;))

The never-known cards appear in grey hatched color so they are easy to localize, and the very well known cards remain in the rightmost column, with an increasing refresh interval (in ColorMode RepeatAdvisor).

Of course you can move the cards around as you wish. Stackz lets you do those things easily, it rather tries to visualize the status than automatically doing decisions for you.

The capacity of the stacks is only limited by your system memory, which is a lot. But generally it does not make sense to add more than "a mentally manageable" amount of cards to one lesson.

Let's say if I would fail with 20 cards (one after the other) according Leitner it should go straight to box1.
Before continuing, the program should move (me :) ) to box1 in order to work on those very hard.
So far I quite often get new cards (at least 50-100) and never end up repeating those still not managed cards.


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