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TestDate problem



I am using PalmStackz at the moment for learning and find it very convenient! but I have a small problem...

I use the windows version of Stackz when I am at home and export to palm when I go out so I can study on the road. Exporting and re-importing using the converter is fine but when I study on the Palm and reimport to the windows version, the Testdate of the entries resets to -30 instead of 0 in the TestDate column...

I was a little worried that this minus thing was going to affect the Colormode RefreshDate (which I always use), so I set my PC clock one day forward to tomorrow, reloaded the file, and the TestDate entries that were -30 went to -29 and didn't show up as "need to refresh" (the red color)...

I hope you can help.....? :-[


Thanks for reporting this issue.

It was an error in the converter. :(
Please download the latest version of the converter.
I've fixed this error :)
Here is the direct link:

Best regards,

Hi Konstantin,

Thank you so much! :) The problem is now fixed.

Keep up the good work!  :)



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