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Can't Install Stackz 7.0 Dictionary Edition

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Well it didn't solve the problem for me.
The version 3.1 that was linked won't install on my vista 64bit edition. I updated to the latest version for vista (4.5) but unfotunately the error still occurs. :/
I fear that the persons that have problems installing didn't have them because their version of installer was too old (everybody with xp with servicepacks should have 3.1 already) but rather because they have a 4.x version installed - which might be the cause of that problem. Unfortunately vista and 2008 server refuse to install 3.1 and therefore the error is more likely to occur - or maybe even occurs all the time? Any vista users that have successfully stackz v7?

please try this version and let me know if it works:


Sorry for the late reply! It installs perfectly and program runs without prolems.
Great stuff!


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