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Kanji query promlem

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The only reason to use an index file in the first place is to speed up the query. Without index file, every single line of the dictionary is compared... the indexed approach avoids unnecessary ones.

Not using an index file should stille be possible however. Up to your message I was assuming that the problem only occurred with the original index file but I had not been able to reproduce the problem. Now I realize that it's the unindexed query that causes the problems...

I will investigate this soon.

I understand now, and I indeed noticed that having a (self generated) index file speeds up queries a bit.

It does indeed appear that searching for kanji without an index file will fail in Stacks 2007. It works fine in Kanjibrowze. My experience is that when I turn of using the index, search for kanji will fail, while a search for reading (kana) or translation (english) does work without an index. Re-enabling the index fixes it all.

I hope you can find the problem, although using an index file isn't that bad at all! If you need additional info, let me know.


This has been fixed.

Stackz 7.1 will include the improved version. It can be downloaded from here until it is officially released.


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