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Do you still use paper flashcards?

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Stackz allows to manage a large number of flashcards electronically. How much paper-based learning material do you use besides Stackz?

I have been looking for something like PocketStackz to get away from using paper flashcards.  I originally started with paper flashcards and they started to pile up quickly.  So I decided that a PDA solution would be ideal.  I wanted something that would allow me to categorize the cards as well as give indications of what should be studied.  I started with Supermemo for the PocketPC but I did not care for how everything was lumped into one collection with no way to study cards of a particular topic.  Pocketstackz seems to be more of what I have been looking for.  It allows me to pick cards from a particular lesson and gives nice indications of what is at risk of being forgotten.  The end goal is no paper flashcards.  Now if I could only resolve the linefeed problem (see other post under PocketStackz forum).


not since stackz for PPC :)

Kinzokusei no Inu:
I gave up paper flashcards when I bought my computer in 1999.? I don't think I'd ever go back to that now.

I thing it is also very usefull to use paper flashcard in addition. In my very personal case, my children (9 years old) also study Japanese kanjis and are most familiar with paper cards. Therefore I posted a message yesterday in the "Stackz Flashcards Organizer For PC" forum ("Flashcards printing") asking for adding the possibility to configure the content, sizes etc... of the paper cards.


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