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Bug in test view


I have tried last night the latest Stackz release and it seems to have a bug in the test view.
I was using it for a Chinese word-list that was working well in the 2006 version. However, in the 07 version some of the Chinese characters were doubled in the test window. When I was trying to edit them, only a single copy of the characters was visible, while if I was closing the Edit view I had again two sets of identical characters. In order to delete the second set I had to re-open the Edit view, put the cursor at the end of the characters group and press Back Space once. Nothing was actually happening on the screen (since I only had one set of characters visible), but after closing the Edit view I only had one set of characters left (as it should have been). This was not on all the words, just on some of them, I am not quite sure why.
I am using Vista, BTW.

Strange, especially that only a part of the characters was involved.
Please send me a file with the said problem to info at stackz dot com so I can investigate it.


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