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Per Learning Test Stats


One thing that has always irked me a little about the Stackz system is that the test stats are pre card, not per test type.

So, let's say I learn my Kanji Readings for a lesson file perfectly, and then decide to do the opposite, learning the English from the Japanese kanji. All the cards are still at their completely known positions, even though I might not know any of the words. I can reset the test stats to their default, but then I lose all my Kanji Reading test information.

I realize that it would be a huge overhaul to the way that the card lists are organized, but is something like this possible? It would be really nice to have seperate test stats for seperate test types.

Thanks again.

Yes, you are right - the stats are not per type (Skill). The reason for that is that it would be confusing if the cards are moved around the levels when the Skill is changed. It's one of the "simplicity versus functionality" tradeoff decisions. If you follow this route, you would also want to have comparison between Skills (i.e. what Skill has not yet been used for a certain card etc). In our opinion this goes in the wrong direction and distracts a bit from the real issue, which is learning a language in a fun and easy way. Please note that you can copy the file for keeping track of a different Skill if you don't want to lose the old statistics before resetting the content. Would that be an option in your case?

Hmm, I hadn't actually considered having different lessons for each learning type. ;)

Will try that.
Thanks again for the reply!


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