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Limiting number of sides shown


How do you limit the number of sides displayed to just 2 or 3 of an entry. I always seem to get 4 sides when I create my own wordlists? - but from the screenshots it seems possible to limit it to 2 or 3?

The number (and order) of sides depends on the currently selected skill.
You can use the "skills" mechanism in the file options dialog to define your own skills if the predefined ones are not what you need.

Newbee help:
To control sides displayed: also see above entry^
1) left click>options>file options>skills.
2) left click the sides you want 'not' displayed such as 3
and 4; select double dots ..
3) for add skill, type['example'] display sides 1 and 2
4) left click add skill.
5) when in learn or test dialog click 'skill' icon.


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