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How many new words a day do you study?



I just wonder...

As i have to make a test about the words learned the day before, i want to organize my lessons in advance, so i can make an study timetable properly... also it would be useful in order to create the lessons.

Thanks in advance

I try for 30 words a day, 4 times a week.  Each day, I review the words I've learned new in the past 4 days, then on Friday I do a full review of my whole list.  My Japanese vocabulary is at about 3500 right now, and I'm hoping to get up to about 5000-6000 by December so I can pass the JLPT level 2.

I tried about 50 a day before, but my brain just couldn't handle it, so I had to step down to 30.


Thanks for replying, today i studied 200 words, but i'm kinda stuffed, i think i will get a bad degree in tomorrows test... i think i will try 50, i have lottts of words to learn... this is crazy

I already passed 2kyuu, but i need extra help to study 1kyuu goi so i decided to use stackz... i wish i got this program loooong time b4...


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