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I just installed Windows Vista. When trying to install the pocketpc-version of stackz, I get the error message "no activesync found on your pc". Obviously vista does not use activesync anymore. The problem is that I don't have xp anymore and thus cannot install activesync 5. Is there another way to install pocketstackz?



In Windows Vista, ActiveSync is replaced with the new "Windows Mobile Device Center" - which is doing basically the same thing.

More info is here:

Yes, I know. But this doesn't solve my problem - does it? The error message still remains...


I have no idea why this message is appearing...

What version of PocketStackz did you try to install?
And is your device set up correctly otherwise with Vista?
(I.e. is Windows Mobile Device Center running correctly, and is your device supported?)

If it is, then PocketStackz can be installed simply by running the installer (StackzPPCSetup.exe) - at least it should!
I just tested it with the new 07 beta on my Vista and my fairly old Axim X3.

Does anybody else have similar problems?


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