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What ColorMode do you use the most?

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The first Stackz ColorMode was 'RefreshDate', it simply shows for how long the card has not been tested positively. The 'RepeatAdvisor' ColorMode refines this concept by putting less emphasis on the easy words.

What mode do you use most of the time?

I use repeat advisor most of the time.   
Occassionally I use "Failure Count" too. 

"Repeat Advisor" seems the best for me. The better one knows a word the less one should repeat it. And testing after even more time if you still know a word shows you how good you really know it. Well I think it's meaningless to praise the strong points of this here since it's also recommended in the help file...

I think that I occassionaly use all of them...  just because I like the different colors!  I think Stackz is definitely the best looking flashcard app out there for the Pocket PC.  I probably am using Failure Count the most these days.  :)

I'm all for Repeat Advisor!


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