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Kanji style screen saver for repetitive reinforcement?

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When I am not using Stackz, it would be great if I could have kanji coming up on the screen from my wordlists like a powerpoint slide show - a sort of screen saver which would be good repetitive reinforcement. 

Does anyone have any ideas how the captured wordlist kanji could be easily be displayed like this?

Such a feature could be offered by Stackz, e.g. by using the test dialog with an automatic display advance, or with a dedicated slide show mode. However, since the Stackz learning and repetition concept heavily relies on the user interaction, such a slide show does not really fit in the existent system. But because it's not contradicting the system either, it might be available one day, but it has low priority.


Many thanks.  So I wonder if there is a "work around" I could achieve this by in the meantime?

There is a great freeware program called KanjiGold that does exactly what you're talking about.  The feature is called PopKanji or PopVocabulary.  It runs consistently in the background and can display either Kanji or Vocab.  You can choose to show the question, answer, or both in seperate windows, and you can position the windows however you want.  I put the question at the top of the screen and the answer on the bottom, so my eyes can't look at both at the same time.

Thank you for this information, it's new to me. Maybe I should have a look to get inspired for a future version :-)

Are there more people interested in that way of learning?
And how (in what stage of your learning) do you use it, i.e. what do you do if you know/dont' know a word?


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