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PSP is not an open system, I don't know how to write software for it (without using a homebrew eLoader, that is...)

gigapops's wish list for "new improved stackz":
1. Integrated audio file option as found in "b4uki" (before you know it), not the linked kind as in "V-train".
2. Slide show option as in "V-Train", with timer control.
3. In the edit dialog I'd like to have a select "all" button to aid in copying/moving contents.


At present "Stackz" is great. You can you make it "insanely great"?


I already posted this before, but it was in "bug reports" and may have been overlooked as a feature request.

I'd like the dictionary search to be slightly more flexible.  Right now it's great, but sometimes you can't find what you're looking for, especially when searching for multiple word entries in English.
(PS, I did rebuild my index as suggested, and that fixed some problems, but these problems persist...)


Say I want to look up "same day"
The target word is 同日 [どうじつ] the same day

However, when I type in the search box "same day," there are no words found.

I have to type in exactly "the same day."  Then I get two search results:
同日 [どうじつ] the same day
ダブる [ダブる] to coincide (fall on the same day); to have two of something; to repeat a school year after failing

Note that in neither of these cases is this entry found:
その日 [そのひ] that day; the very same day

In order to find that, I have to type in exactly "the very same day."

It seems to me that when I type in "same day" I should get all three results:
同日 [どうじつ] the same day
ダブる [ダブる] to coincide (fall on the same day); to have two of something; to repeat a school year after failing
その日 [そのひ] that day; the very same day

I'm sure there's plenty of other definitions containing the words "same day" that I'm missing out on because I didn't type in the definition exactly as it's listed.

In the same vein, I should be able to type in "day same" and get the same results.  In other words, each word in the search box should be treated individually, and the dictionary should search for entries containing all of the individual words.

In this way it will function like a search engine on the internet.

I hope this suggestion is easy to implement.  I use Stackz as my primary dictionary for my Japanese studies!!!   ;D


Sorry, i can't open a new topic as i have problems with this homepage... i cant open new topic ... last time i did something wrong... it says:
Sorry, the copyright must be in the template.
"Please notify this forum's administrator that this site is missing the copyright message for SMF so they can rectify the situation. Display of copyright is a legal requirement. For more information on this please visit the Simple Machines website."

Well. anyway, my request maybe is difficult or impossible to make... well, i?ll explain...

when you are search a kanji in the edit option, it moves between all the entries that contains that kanji, it doesn't matter the order.

Could it be possible to directly find and arrange them? so if you have 20 entries with that kanji in first or second position in a list of 1000 words, could it be possible an option that search and put those 20 entries in the beginning of the list so you can review, cut or whatever you want to do quickly?



I can't open a new topic yet, so i will continue writing my requests here...

I have a problem with search option in edit mode, it's about the language attribute.I am using japanese and english, so when i create a new entry, i choose japanese language to look if the word i'm looking is into the list, if it isn't i add the entry and write the translation in spanish, then if i want to look for another word the language in the search box has changed into spanish, so i have to change it again to write in kanji...

Could it be possible to add an option to choose the language to be used in the search box too? so it remains always fixed? i mean in file options.

Also i would like to be able to change the colour of the selection line when searching, i find that navy blue really dark and i have to click in order to read the content of the line(it turns grey).



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