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Add example sentences to list entries


Example sentences would be useful. Make it a button that simply picks a random sentence containing the entry word from a pre-defined list (for example, but not necessarily limited to, the tanaka corpus database). Oh, and don't forget to make the function available in the pocket pc version.

Also, being able to automatically find duplicates in other fields than the first would be nice. That is, for instance "reading" and "translation", not just the "entry" field.


I think this is an excellent idea. When I'm learning Kanji, I use the first column for the kanji, the second for the pronounciation in hiragana or katakana, the third for the german translation, and the last for the example sentence copied form Jim Breen's online dictionary. However, then there is no 5th column for comments left.


--- Quote from: Kinzokusei no Inu on February 09, 2006, 07:20:10 AM ---
What I would really love to see, is a function that utilizes Jim Breen's example sentence database.? So often, when I'm learning vocab with Stackz I want to be able to put the new word into context.? Right now, I do a quick copy and paste from the test dialogue and into the website, but it would be really handy to have a button which did this itself, either stand-alone or integrated online.

One thing about learning vocabulary, it's great but not all that useful unless you have the grammar skill and context understanding to put the word into practice.

This is my suggestion.

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