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Re: New features
« on: March 19, 2006, 02:23:34 PM »
It needs a feature to disable (or completely remove it forever) the annoying 'force to 人名/地名 conversion' forever if you once manually add a whole entry in a stack or edit the 'entry' of one word. Also support for editing stack names with ime without having to switch to direct input.
Furthermore better editing in the edit stack menu. If I for example have a long entry (in the meaning) like
and want to put /// or --- or something at the beginning and end of this line to mark this line (meaning) then after typing the first - or / at the end of the line or whatever the input jumps to somewhere to the next line for no reason. The editing while in test or learning mode is even better than that.
Such small things can sometimes cause more joy than some huge new feature... Maybe I seem to be 'bitching' but it's rather that I think that stackz is already the perfect tool if everything works like the user wants it to work (rather than it becoming bloatware with lots of features but lots of annoying things).
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