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kanjibrowze for ppc?

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What 's the difference with the microsoft ime?
ms ime I like :

-Auto complete (You can draw the kanji and a list of possible is displayed)

-Multibox (you have 2 boxes of recognition so you can write faster by alterning the box you write in)

-radical list, and stroke list is also available but I don't use it offen

to the ms ime I add the pobox which is azerty keyboard that react just like the ime on windows xp. for exemple you type k-a you will get ka and the possible kanji's...(it will also recognise several words based on the dictionnary)

And the best to all that: it's free!

plus on decuma's web site I found out that  :
"Please note that Decuma Japanese is not compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition."
I have a loox 720 so...

Yeah, if you install Decuma onto a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition device, the device locks up at startup and you have to do a hard reset to remove Decuma.
I've used Decuma on a PPC 2002 device and it's very nice.
After reading about the bagog Ime in this forum I installed it last night and am very pleased. I think the Character Autocomplete is by far the best

I'm using EBPocket and it works like a charm. Looking up a word in 10+ full-fledged, commercial dictionaries takes about 3 seconds. I only have to tap and hold the word in Stackz, copy and jump to the EBPocket tab (WkTask will display tabs on the Taskbar).

I've also replaced KanjiBrowze with EBWin, the Windows version.

Read more about EBPocket here: (no it's not my site)


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