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PocketStackz - Bug Reports / Pcoket Stackz freeze on quit after Test
« on: June 11, 2006, 10:18:47 PM »

I am very happy with Stackz. I use a WM5 Verizon XV6700 PDA Phone. Several times recently when I click OK to minimize the program the timer dial spins forever and the software will not respond until I soft reset the PDA.

This has only started recently, and there are two factors that might contribute:
1: I have just started to use the Test feature (just figured out how to use it for effective learning...) and all the freezes have happened afeter testing.
2: I recently added several entries to my szm file using the Stackz List Editor 2005 v3. I am using the Minna no Nihongo.szm file that corresponds with my lesson textbooks, and I added words from my instructor to a new lesson at the end.

When I reset, I lose all of my stored status for cards...! :-\

Any ideas???


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