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Hi, I love Stackz for studying Japanese terms and kanji, but since discovering it and its simple Leitner approach I have become aware of more sophisticated versions of Spaced Repetition learning that better learn how we learn and streamline the process even further. I'm referring to software like SuperMemo, Anki, Mnemosyne, Reviewing the Kanji (these last three are either web-based only or have that as an option).

Instead of a simple pass/fail these programs allow the person to rank how easy or difficult something was to recall and produce. For example, a "fail" is a fail, but when we get a kanji correctly there is a big difference between something dredged up with great effort, something that takes medium effort and something that we know so well it is akin to breathing. The simplest of the above-mentioned programs uses "fail" "pass" and "easy (pass)" with some other built-in modifications to mix the cards around. The others seem to be based on one of the SuperMemo algorithms and have five or six different grades that one can assign to each card. So the review period length is dependent on which box (column) it is in AND how easily you can recall and produce the material.

Of course the latest version of SuperMemo apparently has problems with "over-learning" (putting hard things off for too long based on having a run of easy to acquire items. That is why the others use modifications of older SuperMemo algorithms.

I would love to see a more sophisticated algorithm implemented in Stackz (in addition to the current modes). I want to keep using Stackz but these more sophisticated SRL systems are tempting me away. I'm sure the same is true of other users and potential customers.

I would appreciate it if you would let us know what your plans (and possible time-line?) are regarding this.

Thank you.

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