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Title: Can't navigate using directional keys in editing mode (stz2006/list editor)
Post by: poita on June 25, 2006, 08:13:33 AM
Hi, firstly congratulations on a great product  :)

This bug applies to both the demo version of stackz 2006 and the list editor. I am currently trying to create a list of Korean vocab/grammar structures so i have set the language of the file to 'korean (Ansi)' in the options file.  When using the 'Edit' window (F2) or using the 'edit current entry'in the 'Test' window (F4) the directional arrow keys, backspace,delete and enter keys do not work. As you can imagine, this makes entering and editing text quite difficult (if i want to delete something then i have to highlight the text I wish to delete with the mouse and then ctrl-x to cut it)

If i change the default language of the file to Chinese,English or Japanese then i can use the directional buttons, backspace and delete (escape just prints a box, however this doesnt really bother me as i have no use for the escape key).

If the language is set to Chinese or Japanese then the Korean characters do not display correctly, however if the language is set to English then they appear to display correctly (I have not exhaustively tested if everything displays correctly under English mode, i just did a quick check before writing this).

I also have similar problems when using the list import wizard. When set to korean then the above mentioned keys no longer function.

English language windows XP Professional (Service pack 2)
Language toolbar installed to enable korean character input
Stackz 2006 demo version
Stackz List Editor 2005 v3

Title: Re: Can't navigate using directional keys in editing mode (stz2006/list editor)
Post by: Chris on June 25, 2006, 08:42:20 AM
Thank you for reporting that problem.

"not working" - do you mean that there is simply no reaction at all? I am very surprised about that. It has always worked on my PC and there was no problem when I checked this morning and this problem has never been reported in the past.

Question to the other users: Did anybody experience a similar behavior?

If all fails, please upload a small sample file, maybe it contains some further indication of the problem that I can investigate.

Title: Re: Can't navigate using directional keys in editing mode (stz2006/list editor)
Post by: poita on June 25, 2006, 11:36:59 AM
wow, thank you for the fast turnaround in replying!
To address your questions:
* Indeed korean language support works in other applications. I commonly use it in mozilla firefox/thunderbird as well as openoffice.
* You assume correctly, I am using the default MS-IME 2002 toolbar.
* Tried hitting reset languages, still the same result.
* Just installed the demo on my girlfriends laptop and got the same results.

I also just realised that while the 'english' option will display the korean text, it will not allow the entry of new korean text (trying to type korean displays nothing, and if i try to paste korean then it just comes up as a series of question marks).

I have also sent you a private message with further information.
Kind Regards,

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