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Title: SZM Word List doesn't display - solved and just for info
Post by: tokyo on July 28, 2008, 12:49:12 AM

I opened Stackz 7.1 (Win XP SP3) this morning with my main Japanese wordlist after 3 weeks of not using it, and the title bar showed the dictionary file I am using. Everything else also looked OK, except the word list (szm) did not display. If I created a new one or opened another list, it worked fine. If I started a Learn or Test Dialog, it also displayed words from my list... it's just that the list window was invisible. I closed all other windows like Memo and Dict, but still I didn't see the SZM-window.

What I did was that I opened another list and used Window-> Cascade, then the window came up together with the other list... obviously, it was minimized to somewhere I couldn't see it.

As the title says, just for your info. Thanks for this really good and useable product!