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The challanges of the Thai language

The Thai writing system is not the most difficult on earth, but it must be learned. Once the student is fluent with the writing system, the words need to be memorized. There are typically two phases when learning Thai:

  1. The initial effort for beginners before reading real texts consists in learning the Thai writing system. Dozens of characters and combinations must be mastered in order to allow reading full sentences fluently and lookup words in the dictionary. This phase is somewhat critical because it is very likely that the absence of any success causes big feelings of frustration.
  2. For advanced students, the amount of mastered words becomes considerable, and words that are rarely encountered tend to be forgotten. To avoid this, reading more Thai texts is the typical, very time consuming reaction. If this big amount of time is not invested, the Thai proficiency is quickly decreasing.

The Stackz flashcard organizer supports the Thai language in many ways:


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