Welcome to the PalmStackz Beta program!

Thank you for joining the PalmStackz Beta test program! We are interested in your test experience.

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Test proceedings
Please have a look at the known issues list prior to reporting a bug.
Please use the report new issue form to send each of your findings individually.
If you want to send us a mail in relation to the PalmStackz beta test, please send it to mobile@stackz.com (and not to info@stackz.com).


PalmStackz Installation

  1. Make sure you have installed a SuperWaba VM on your device. You can either find it here or download it from www.superwaba.com.
    Please check that you use the latest SuperWaba version.

  2. Start PalmStackzSetup.exe on the PC and follow the instructions of the installation program. The PalmStackz installer copies some sample wordlists onto your device.

  3. If you learn an Asian language, you have to install an additional Unicode Fonts. Some of them can be found here. Please send us an e-mail if you can't find the font you need.

  4. In order to convert the native ".szm" Stackz files to the PalmOS ".pdb" files and back, please use the "szm2pdb.exe" tool (download from here).

Download latest release

Latest PalmStackz Release
Version PalmStackz 2006 1.0
Release Date May 16, 2008
Software PalmStackz 2006 1.0
szm to pdb converter szm2pdb_1_1.zip
SuperWaba VM ver. 5.6.
Palm OS 2.x, 3.x and 4.x PalmOS3_or_4_with_8bits_screen_68k.zip
Palm OS 5 devices (68k) PalmOS5_or_4_with_16bits_screen_68k.zip
Palm OS 5 devices (ARM) PalmOS5_arm.zip
Unicode Fonts
Chinese PStzChinFontSetup.zip
Japanese PStzJpnFontSetup.zip
Big Japanese PStzJpnBigFontSetup.zip
Korean PStzKorFontSetup.zip


Feature Introduction Plan

Introduction plan
1. Create a new szm file
2. Lessons list view
Beta 1
    2.1 Proficiency visualization with all Stackz Color modes
Beta 1
    2.2 Assign a different color to the color mode
    2.3 Change color mode settings
3. Test/Learn Dialog
Beta 1
    3.1 Test/Learn according to the current color mode
Beta 1
    3.2 Skill selection
Beta 1
    3.3 Define new skills
    3.4 Change the appearance order
Beta 1
    3.5 Handwriting pad
    3.6 Undo
Beta 2
    3.7 Edit the current card
    3.8 Present card's statistic with a color
    3.9 Arrow keys control
4. Match Dialog
5. CardView Dialog
    5.1 Edit/Add/Delete cards
    5.2 Move entries up/down
    5.3 Search a text
    5.4 Find duplicates
    5.5 Present card statistics and color
6. Dictionary
7. File options
Beta 1
    7.1 Assign a new or existing language to the card's attribute
    7.2 Switch between “Leitner” and “StackzClassic" System
Beta 1
    7.3 Switch between Sorted and Random stacks

Know issues

Tested Palm Models
Sony PEG-S300
Palm Tungsten T
Palm TX
Palm Treo 650

Open Issues
Action plan
2. Lessons list view Colors are not shown on some devices. Only the gray scale colors are used. Implement a manual switch between the B/W and the full color mode
3. Test/Learn Dialog - center text vertically
- hide sliders
- font display quality (try bold)
Try to improve for future release (low priority)
3. Test/Learn Dialog - the virtual silkbar of the TX overlaps the bottom of PalmStackz buttons
7. File options The "../../../../src/video/palm/SDL_,Line:143,No video mem" is shown on some devices while opening the dialog. Contact SuperWaba. It seems to be a SuperWaba VM problem
Other - Sample file skills partially wrong
- Check out flat gui style
Improve in next release


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