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Picture shows simplified Chinese; traditional Chinese is supported as well.

Print the difficult words on paper hanzi flashcards!

Why is Stackz optimal for learning Chinese?

When learning Chinese, two big phases can be distinguished:

  1. The initial effort for beginners is considerable for the Chinese language. Several hundreds of hanzi must be mastered before they can be used in context. Very likely, this initial phase is causing big feelings of frustration.

    • Stackz increases the feeling of success in this initial phase with the proficiency representation using colors. It is simple and motivating to move the cards towards the right side, and keep them at a bright color. Details...

    • The PocketPC version of Stackz increases the motivation further by allowing short learning sessions at any place! Details...

  2. For advanced students, the amount of mastered hanzi becomes considerable, and hanzi that are rarely encountered tend to be forgotten. Without effort, the hanzi proficiency is quickly lost.
    • Stackz allows to minimize the time invested to retain the proficiency. This is important when an intensive learning phase is over, e.g. after a university course or after returning from Japan to one's home country. Details...
    • With the PocketPC version of Stackz, unused moments of one's daily life can be turned into wisely spent time to refresh the Chinese proficiency. Details...


How dows Stackz support learning of the Chinese language?

The Stackz System

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Or learn them with PocketStackz (on the PocketPC)