Match Dialog

Purpose of the Match Dialog

The Match Dialog is a quiz type of tool. It can be used as an alternative to the Learn Dialog to become familiar with new words, or also to repeat known words in a diffferent way. Its focus does not lie directly in efficient learning activity, but rather in "playing" with the words in a relaxed way. The approach to the vocabulary is much broader than in the other dialogs because all attributes of several words are present simultaneously.

The Match Dialog interface

The Match Dialog presents a short list of words with the attributes in arbitrary order. The goal is to select the three attributes that belong together. If the selection is correct, the color of the selection markers changes from red to green. It is then possible to replace the identified word with the next one in the selected stacks by using one of the arrow buttons.

Note: Putting the entry back on the same stack is the preferred action. Declaring an item as known should not be based on the short term memory, therefore the corresponding button is only enabled if an entry is selected for the first time. Declaring an item as unknown is not used normally since the purpose of the Match Dialog is to play with the words and not to classify them.

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