Match Dialog Elements

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Quick Help File options Match Columns


Element Purpose Shortcut Explanation
Quick Help   Open Quick Help
Match Dialog Options   Open Options Dialog and directly open Match Dialog page.
Considered Attribute Columns   Only the columns of the checked numbers are actively participating in the matching process.
Attribute Column 1   List with attributes 1 of the words.
Attribute Column 2   List with attributes 2 of the words.
Attribute Column 3   List with attributes 3 of the words.
shuffle arrow down;
NumPad 2;
Space (default selection)
Shuffles the lists.
declare as known arrow right;
NumPad 6
Moves the selected entry to the stack on the right.
Note: It is not common to declare an entry as known in the MatchDialog because classification should not be based on this sort of quiz-tool. Therefore, declaring as known is only permitted If the entry is selected for the first time.
declare as unknown arrow left;
NumPad 4
Moves the current entry one level to the left (Stackz mode) or to the leftmost column (Leitner mode).
put selection back on stack arrow up;
NumPad 8
Replaces the selected entry with the next one from the stack. No change in classification of the selected entry.