The TestState

In the TestDialog, LearnDialog and EditDialog the TestState of an entry is shown. The TestState consists of some in the format described below, on a background corresponding to the current ColorMode. The text is in the form



X: number of days since positive test
>>: symbol for successes (means 'moved to right')
SUCCESSES: number of successful tests
<<: symbol for failures (means 'moved to left')
FAILURES: number of failed tests.

The two screenshots below show the EditDialog of the same stack with two different ColorMode. All items have been refreshed today ("0 days"). The nuber of successful tests so far are 6, 3 and 8; the numbers of failed tests so far are 2, 1 and 2 again.

Case 1: ColorMode = SuccessRatio: The color represents the ratio successful/failed tests.

Case 2: ColorMode = FailureCount: The color represents the number of failed tests.